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Hello! I'm Mariam

I am currently studying visual communication design at the Ohio State University. My specialize in digital graphics, illustration and photo editing with strengths in color theory and typography.


What drew me to visual communication design is how it uses artistic compositions/elements to communicate with the viewer. Growing up, it was a bit difficult for me to communicate with others using words. I came from an immigrant household and English was not my first language, so I was unable to connect with the kids around me. What helped me through those years was drawing and creating art. I was able to communicate my little stories and ideas to my teachers, and it helped me connect with other classmates better. Visuals are extremely powerful in conveying ideas, and can enhance written elements when paired together. Communicating through visual elements is something that made me the person I am today, and I know firsthand the impact it can have.


My other interests include film, fashion, and video games.

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