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My senior thesis project, completed in one semester. 

The concept is an app that helps the user with their stress and anxiety through mini games that utilize color psychology. 

Extensive primary and secondary research, branding, wireframes, and a promotional video was completed for this project.

Programs Used


Why Aloe?

The name 'aloe' is derived from the

succulent plant of the same name, which is well-known for its soothing properties. The essence of this app concept lies in its capacity to bring tranquility and calmness to the mind.

From a marketing perspective, a one

syllable and memorable name also gives strength to this concept.


Through my research, I found cool toned colors like blue and green were shown to be very soothing. So I made sure my color scheme incorporated those colors.

rounded edges and soft colors are used to create a friendly environment for the user. 



A friend to add to the ‘playful’ intent of

this concept. they guide the user in their

experience and also serve as potrayal of

the different effect of each of the color. 

They are based off the concept of  a watercolor droplet. (illustrated by myself)


For this project I came up with three different game concepts. Each backed by research in their effectiveness in creating a distraction and calmness of the mind. 

Serene Garden

User is given freedom to customize a little garden with flowers and other elements. It was found through research that the concept of a customizable environment has been proven to provide a suitable escape to calm and the mind. 

garden space

items, plants, color modes



move counter

Happy Tiles

A classic sliding tiles puzzle game that features colorful watercolor images. 

Puzzles are proven to be an effective stress reliever which makes it a suitable distraction for users.

Peace Paint

A simple coloring game where the user chooses from a variety of illustrations and color palettes to color with. Coloring activates the same oart of the brain that deals with emotions, making this an ideal distraction when the user is stressed or anxious. 

color palette


Color Modes

Each game can be played in one of three color modes. Each of these is carefully designed using color psychology to evoke different feelings, catering to different symptoms of anxiety and stress.


radiant yellow and vibrant orange tones, thoughtfully selected to emanate warmth and refinement, synergistically promotes a rejuvenating surge in energy and enhanced focus. 


deep and light hues of purple, thoughtfully curated to inspire a sense of tranquility and serenity, seamlessly encourages a state of relaxation and rest. 


A serene combination of tranquil blue and soothing green tones, meticulously chosen to impart a sense of calm and tranquility, works synergistically to envelop the user in a soothing and relaxing ambiance. 

Journey Map


Promotional Video


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